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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.


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What the Media Got Wrong About the Sullivan Decision & What Workplace Investigators Need to Know

Recently the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in R. v. Sullivan, a case involving the automatism defence. For those who don’t know, this defence can potentially be raised when an individual enters a state of impaired consciousness in which they are capable of acting but have no voluntary control over those actions¹. Through amendments to the Criminal Code of Canada in the mid-90s, the defence of automatism cannot be used for violent offences when the automatism is brought on by self-induced intoxication.

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Projet De Loi C-65 : Êtes-Vous Prêts? | Bill C-65: Are You Ready?

Le projet de loi C-65 vise à renforcer les dispositions concernant le harcèlement et la violence dans les milieux de travail sous réglementation fédérale, la fonction publique fédérale et les milieux de travail parlementaires. Le projet de loi a reçu la sanction royale en octobre 2018, mais n’est pas encore en vigueur. En avril 2019, le gouvernement a également proposé un nouveau projet de règlement, qui, tout comme le projet de loi, n’est pas encore en vigueur.

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The Impact of Perceptual Variances in Investigations

I recently watched a video presentation by Kain Ramsay, teacher of applied psychology, on the topic of perceptual variances in the context of cognitive behavioural therapy. He started the presentation with a demonstration. He showed how the number “8” could be interpreted or perceived differently by multiple persons. He demonstrated that the image could be viewed by some as exactly what it is, the number 8. Others may interpret it as the infinity sign; to others it may just look like a pretzel; while to another person, it may be the symbol for DNA.

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