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Rubin Thomlinson LLP is a Canadian law firm focused solely on workplace and institutional investigations and assessments, training for HR professionals, and consulting. Our firm’s expertise in investigations, workplace harassment and misconduct is diverse and decades deep - giving us unique insight into these serious and high-stakes situations. Rubin Thomlinson has a national presence, with practitioners working in every sector across Canada.
2019 Canadian HR Awards Winner

Workplace & Institutional Investigations

As the preeminent law firm in Canada focus solely on these complex and challenging cases, Rubin Thomlinson is synonymous with workplace investigations — operating with speed, sensitivity, and sureness.

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Training for Managers & HR Professionals

Rubin Thomlinson offers real-to-life, tactical training for serious and high-stakes situations pertaining to workplace investigations and workplace human rights. Our training is available across Canada.

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Workplace Remediation

Problematic workplace behaviour can poison entire workplaces and lead to costly legal disputes. Rubin Thomlinson's workplace restoration, mediation, and one-on-one remedial coaching services help workplaces halt the damage and recover.

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Workplace Assessments & Reviews

Studies show that bad behaviour often goes unreported. Rubin Thomlinson's assessments bring serious workplace issues and fault lines to the surface - enabling organizations to fix them before they become costly, litigious, or public.

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Investigation Support

Rubin Thomlinson provides second opinions, oversight, and support for HR professionals, managers, and legal counsel as they conduct or supervise workplace investigations. We ensure your investigations are legally defensible, well-reasoned, and sound.

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Consulting & Strategic Guidance

Leverage Rubin Thomlinson's penetrating insight into workplace ills. We identify critical fault lines within organizations, and help develop high-impact policies, procedures and other practical changes to repair them.

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Upcoming Workshops

Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques
October 22, 2019 - October 24, 2019

Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver

If a complaint of workplace harassment is made, do you know how to respond, investigate, and report on it — legally and correctly? If you don’t, you aren’t alone. This 3-day course is a crucial primer for today’s climate. Investigate mock complaints (inspired by our work across the country) from start to finish, build your investigation skills, and learn how to avoid costly pitfalls. The third day focuses on mastering report writing.
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Conducting Workplace Assessments
October 25, 2019

Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver

Many employees are afraid to report misconduct or harassment to their employers. These bottled-up issues can quietly poison a workplace, and even explode. Workplace assessments are a proactive way of discovering whether there are problems in your organization, instead of waiting for them to come out. In this workshop, learn the right questions and techniques, and how to analyze and act on the results.
Conducting Sexual Harassment and Violence Investigations
December 03, 2019 - December 04, 2019

Hyatt Regency Vancouver

If someone at your organization says they’ve been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, how should you investigate and establish the facts? These complaints can be uniquely challenging for internal investigators — but are more common than ever before. This hands-on, advanced-level training is a must for any frontline staff who may respond to and/or investigate such complaints. Internal investigators leave confident and prepared.

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