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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

Workplace Remediation


Problematic workplace behaviour can poison entire workplaces and lead to costly legal disputes. Rubin Thomlinson’s workplace restoration, mediation, and one-on-one remedial coaching services help Canadian workplaces halt the damage and recover.

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One-on-One Coaching

Drawing on our decades of insight into problematic workplace behaviour, Rubin Thomlinson provides highly effective, one-on-one remedial coaching for individuals and employees who have crossed lines. This service is particularly valued by clients for senior-level employees who may have breached the employer’s harassment and workplace discrimination policies.

One-on-one coaching can take place post-incident, post-investigation, or whenever problematic behaviour comes to the attention of the employer. We create an individualized coaching plan based on our client’s specific circumstances. Employers can then use these custom-designed coaching sessions as part of their best practices toolkit.

Workplace Restoration

When a workplace has experienced fallout from problematic employee behaviour (such as bullying, workplace harassment, misconduct, or interpersonal conflicts) how can it recover and move forward?

Leveraging insights from our work across Canada, Rubin Thomlinson’s process pinpoints the problems and challenges, assesses individual and organizational goals and expectations, identifies solutions, and assists with implementation.

Through workplace restoration, our employment lawyers help clients establish a healthier, more productive, and more harmonious workplace.


Our trained, highly skilled mediators provide effective mediation services to resolve disputes between individuals.