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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

Workplace Assessments & Reviews


Studies show that bad behaviour often goes unreported. Rubin Thomlinson’s assessments bring serious workplace issues and fault lines to the surface – enabling organizations to fix them before they become costly, litigious, or public. In essence, assessments and reviews offer a temperature check of your workplace or institutional culture before it hits a boiling point or is even taken public.

Through workplace assessments and reviews, Rubin Thomlinson’s employment lawyers will gather information about your workplace culture, practices, or behaviours — allowing them to identify the buried causes of conflicts, issues, or critical vulnerabilities. A review can include:

  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Policy reviews
  • An appraisal of policy effectiveness

We understand and welcome the fact that every workplace is unique. Given so, all assessments and reviews that we conduct are based on a customized or “bespoke” model, and we develop the best process to facilitate resolution and to help minimize workplace disruption and anxiety.

Upon completion of a workplace assessment or review, we issue a clear and instructive report identifying issues that are contributing to the systemic dysfunction — as well as practical, concrete recommendations for creating a more functional, productive workplace.

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