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Serious insight for serious situations.


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    Parallel workplace and criminal investigations can lead to some of the thorniest issues workplace investigators have to grapple with. In this session, we will dive into these questions, provide an overview of important criminal law concepts and examine how workplace investigations, including university sexual violence investigations, can be affected by criminal cases.

    Primer on Consent

    22 Oct
    Join Janice Rubin and criminal lawyer Angela Chaisson for an hour “refresher” on the law of consent and how it applies to the workplace, university and college environments.


    19 Nov
    Employment and occupational health and safety legislation exists to ensure that people can be paid for their work and do their work in a safe, fair environment. Punishing someone for asserting the rights, which are guaranteed by this legislation, constitutes a “reprisal.” Even though reprisals are strictly prohibited in this legislation, they occur all the time in the workplace. Employers need to be aware of the risks of engaging in reprisal in order to effectively prevent harassment in the workplace.

    The legal requirements on how to prevent and address workplace harassment and violence will change for employers in federally-regulated industries after Bill C-65 comes into force later this year. Are you ready? To prepare, you will want to ensure that your policies, employee training, incident prevention protocol, resolution procedure and investigation process all comply with the new requirements.