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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.


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    When writing investigation reports, we have an obligation to communicate clearly difficult or technical concepts, such as standards of proof (i.e., a “balance of probabilities”), that our readers may not understand. In this webinar, we will explore what some of these concepts are and how to address them effectively when writing investigation reports.

    New to internal investigations? Conducting your first investigation can feel overwhelming, especially if you have just started your career. In this webinar, join our workplace investigators Chantel Levy and Tola Olupona as they sit down with our partner Janice Rubin to discuss their reflections and insights on their first year at Rubin Thomlinson, along with practical tips and tricks for new investigators, including how to budget time, complete an effective investigation, and prepare reports.

    As workplace investigators, we often deal with complicated issues around identity. Given so, how do we do this inclusively and respectfully?