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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

Melody Jahanzadeh

B.A. Hons, J.D.

Workplace Investigator & Trainer

About Melody Jahanzadeh

Melody joins Rubin Thomlinson with an expertise in obtaining information from reluctant parties in emotional and politically-charged situations. She handles sensitive complaints with confidentiality, discretion and diplomacy and creates an environment where people feel comfortable speaking about their experiences. Melody conducts inclusive investigations that are mindful of cultural, gender, socioeconomic and mental health considerations. Believing everyone deserves a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace, Melody enjoys being part of the solution in resolving disputes. Drawn to the human element of investigations, she likes that they offer a unique opportunity for people to have their voices heard and understand the perspectives of others.

Expertise and Services

At Rubin Thomlinson, Melody conducts a range of workplace investigations, including those related to sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and other forms of misconduct. She assists organizations to proactively identify and manage problematic behaviour through workplace assessments and reviews. Melody is available to provide workplace investigation and human rights training to staff at all levels.

Accolades & Publications

Melody is the author of Family Status Accommodation: The Road to an Amalgamated Approach, published in the University of Western Ontario Journal of Legal Studies, Volume 2, Issue 1.


Before Rubin Thomlinson, Melody worked at the Ministry of the Attorney General, investigating allegations of police misconduct throughout Ontario, including excessive use of force, unlawful arrest and racial profiling. Melody also investigated allegations of sexual harassment, sexual violence and discrimination based on race, gender and sexual orientation in the province’s correctional institutions. The challenges in such cases included reluctant interviewees, the “code of silence” in law enforcement, contradictory versions of events, tight statutory timelines and managing the emotions and expectations of the parties involved.

Melody currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF). In January 2019, she participated in a LEAF panel that discussed how to investigate allegations of workplace discrimination and harassment. Melody is also fluent In Farsi.

• Called to the Bar of Ontario
• J.D., University of Western Ontario
• B.A (Hons.), University of Waterloo

Melody Jahanzadeh's Insights