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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

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With a little help from my support person

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Investigating Race-based Cases
22 Feb at
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How do you investigate a case of racial discrimination or racial harassment? Have you struggled with navigating the unique challenges that arise in investigations involving racial harassment or racial discrimination? Do you know what information you need in order to make a determination or how to extract that information, without appearing biased?
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For most people, participating in a workplace investigation is an unusual departure from their workplace routine.  Whether they are a complainant or a respondent, it can be a stressful interaction to sit in a room, with a stranger, and be asked about the details of something that happened, say, ten months ago.  One way to address this stress is by allowing a support person to attend the meeting.  Indeed, some institutions specifically contemplate the involvement of a support person in their policies.  But like anything connected to a workplace investigation you need to think about the support person’s attendance at the interview before it happens.   Here are some tips about involving support people in a workplace investigation interview.