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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

Tola Olupona

B.A. Hons., LL.B.

Workplace Investigator & Trainer

About Tola Olupona

An experienced workplace investigator, Tola Olupona takes a holistic, empathetic, and humanistic approach to conducting investigations, placing fairness and impartiality above all else. Armed with a solid understanding of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) principles, Tola has experience managing human rights cases and in conducting investigations that pertain to human rights, workplace harassment, and sexual harassment.

Tola has a proven knack for deconstructing conflicts and getting to the heart of underlying issues, and a passion for creating healthier workplace environments. As an active listener who is adept at making people feel at ease, Tola ensures all parties in an investigation feel heard, and she prides herself on delivering procedural fairness to all involved.

Expertise & Services

At Rubin Thomlinson, Tola investigates complaints of discrimination, harassment, and other workplace offences. Tola also provides investigation and human rights training to organizations to help them identify issues that might exist within their work culture, and provides them with tools to build and maintain healthy workplaces.


After earning an undergraduate degree in Law and Society from York University, Tola attended Scotland’s University of Edinburgh, where she earned her LL.B. and J.D., before returning to Ontario where she was called to the Bar in 2017. As a lawyer, Tola amassed considerable experience in litigation and mediation as a junior litigation lawyer at a Personal Injury Firm, and she has served as the Human Rights, Equity & Diversity Advisor to Humber College, where she conducted human rights, workplace harassment, and sexual harassment investigations.

  • Called to the Bar of Ontario
  • LL.B./J.D., University of Edinburgh
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, York University

Tola Olupona's Insights