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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

Marisha Roman

B.A., LL.B.

Workplace Investigator & Trainer

About Marisha Roman

Marisha Roman brings analytical skills, curiosity and perseverance—as well as respect and empathy—to her role at Rubin Thomlinson. She excels at interviewing, analyzing the evidence and reaching a conclusion supported by the facts while ensuring the process, which is understandably difficult for everyone, is respectful. Marisha focuses on the issues as well as the people in the investigation. She appreciates the opportunity to support the people involved in resolving conflicts. And, she understands that a thorough, timely and fair investigative process will lead to a sound decision. For Marisha, the foundation for a sound investigation is asking effective questions. She says, “asking questions that will support the process requires that you pay close attention to the person in front of you. You need patience to pick the right question, preparedness to ask the questions that are needed and compassion when listening to the answers.”

Expertise and Services

At Rubin Thomlinson, Marisha employs her more than 20 years of expertise in working with people from diverse communities, in particular, First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities. Marisha brings experience in investigations in various settings, including post-secondary institutions, workplaces and community-based organizations and extensive experience in working with clients to seek alternative resolution processes, including mediation and talking circles, and workplace restoration. Marisha is certified in Adult Learning and Development (OISE) and has experience in delivering training on policy and procedures and principles for creating inclusive workplaces.


Before joining Rubin Thomlinson, Marisha investigated complaints in post-secondary institutions, including those involving sexual violence; Indigenous workplaces; and amateur sport bodies. As a member of the First Nation community (Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory), Marisha applies this lens to her investigative work, most particularly in the Indigenous workplace and amateur sport environments, which tend to be small communities where there are longstanding relationships outside of the workplace or association. She recognizes the importance of working thoroughly and quickly, while educating everyone about the importance of confidentiality, and creating a process and report with the understanding that the parties are likely to remain in the same community.

• Certificate Holder, Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) Institute
• Year of Call: Ontario 1996
• LL.B., University of Toronto
• B.A., University of Toronto

Marisha Roman's Insights