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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.


Reflections and news direct from Rubin Thomlinson.
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On Seeing an Employment Lawyer for the First Time: Thoughts From Two Toronto Employment Lawyers

We recently sat down to discuss what employee clients can do both before and during their first meeting with us to contribute to the exchange being successful. These are the clients who seek our advice in terms of a possible wrongful dismissal, a sexual harassment complaint, helping them respond to an offer of employment, or

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Lessons from Lance

I’ve been following the news reports over the last few weeks covering the story of disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong.I’m struck by several things: (1) that Lance continues to admit no wrongdoing, despite mounting evidence of his participation in doping; and (2) the distinctions that are being drawn between sports personalities like Tiger Woods and Kobe

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Ontario Jury Awards Former Walmart Employee $1.46 million for Constructive Dismissal

Setting a new “high-water mark” for damages in constructive dismissal cases in Ontario, a jury in Windsor, Ontario has awarded a former Walmart employee $1.46 million in damages, after finding that she was constructively dismissed. In delivering its verdict on October 10, 2012, the jury concluded that the employee had suffered abusive treatment, including mental

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Employee Information and Social Media Part Two: What About Mitigation Efforts?

In the last month, two personal injury cases have crossed my desk that have left me wondering how aggressively employers and their lawyers will or should incorporate social media searches to examine a terminated employee’s mitigation efforts.Perhaps this is already happening. In both cases, the social media profiles of plaintiffs who claimed they were injured

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