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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.


Reflections and news direct from Rubin Thomlinson.
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How to Tweet Your Way to Termination

Paris Brown was a pioneer for her generation, becoming the first youth police and crime commissioner for Kent in Britain on April 3, 2013. More than 160 young people vied for the position that sought to bridge the gap between teenagers and the police. Paris, who essentially became a pseudo-cop, underwent a background check as

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In Defence of Social Media

These days, I find myself following legal issues involving social media with great interest and, occasionally, with considerable amusement and surprise. My interest isn’t driven entirely by my occupation, and the situations I have read about span far beyond the employment law niche in which I practice. Indeed, social media seems to have found its

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Terminating an Employee Facing Misconduct Allegations May Defy Duty of Fairness

When an employer is made aware of allegations of employee misconduct, employment lawyers generally advise that they are expected to respond fairly and conduct some form of investigation before reaching any conclusion on fault for the misconduct and any resulting discipline. Given the potential duration and cost of an investigation process, an employer may be

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Harassment: The Saskatchewan Experience

Is Saskatchewan, birthplace of Tommy Douglas, the co-operative movement, and curling champions galore, a hotbed of harassment? In 2007, Saskatchewan amended its Occupational Health and Safety Act to address workplace violence and personal harassment. This made Saskatchewan the second province in the country to extend this type of protection to employees. The first province was

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