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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

Conducting Sexual Harassment and Violence Investigations

Course details

$1400 (before tax)
*A 10% discount is offered if you register 5 or more participants from the same organization at the same time.

This is a two-day course, running from 9am - 4pm each day.

Registrants for this course must have attended Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques before they can attend this session.

About this course

If someone at your organization says they’ve been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, how should you investigate and establish the facts? These complaints can be uniquely challenging for internal investigators — but are more common than ever before. This hands-on, advanced-level training is a must for any frontline staff who may respond to and/or investigate such complaints. Internal investigators leave confident and prepared.

While sexual harassment and violence may impact individual victims differently, there are some physical and emotional effects that are common among victims. Impacts may begin following the first incident and continue for long after the harassment or violence has stopped. 

It is important to note that the negative individual and organizational impacts of sexual harassment and violence can be mitigated or aggravated by the organization’s response to the incident(s) and by the organizational culture. 

What you'll learn

  • How to deal with difficult subject matter in investigations
  • How to deal with vulnerable parties
  • The legal framework relating to sexual harassment and violence
  • The psycho-social dynamics of sexual harassment
  • How to make credibility assessments in cases involving sexual misconduct

Participants will also have the opportunity to experience a role play of an investigation. Through the use of actors and prepared fact-patterns, we simulate an actual investigation, including conducting interviews with the complainant, respondent and witnesses. This course allows participants to not only understand the fundamentals of a sexual harassment and violence investigation, but to experience an investigation first-hand, with opportunities for participants to play the role of investigator.


This course is part of our Advanced Investigation Techniques Series. To receive the Advanced Investigation Certificate, complete the Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques course and all 3 of the following courses:

plus 1 of the following courses:





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