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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

Advanced Investigation Techniques Certificate

About this certificate

Advanced Investigation Techniques Certificate

We’ve taken our experience as investigators, employment lawyers and trainers to create a certificate that covers a broad range of skills and strategies that will empower and give your workplace investigator the confidence they need to achieve success.

Our Advanced Investigations Techniques certificate is created with the experienced internal investigator in mind. Investigators who have taken our Workplace Investigation Fundamentals course will be able to take what they learned, build upon it and gain the skills they need to maintain a healthy workplace environment.

Certificate Courses

If you have taken our Workplace Investigation Fundamentals workshop you are now eligible to take any of our advanced investigation workshops. If you want to take your investigation training knowledge to the next level and become a better workplace investigator, you can work towards our Advanced Investigation Certificate.

To receive the Advanced Investigation Certificate, you must complete the prerequisite Workplace Investigation Fundamentals course and all 3 of the following courses:

Investigating Complex Cases

Assessing Credibility

Interviewing and Dealing with Difficult Witnesses

Plus 1 of the following courses:

Conducting Workplace Assessments

Conducting Sexual Misconduct Investigations

Advanced Challenges in Report-Writing

Investigating Race-Based Cases

Workplace Restoration Workshop

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Virtual & Custom Workshops

Learn from our team of lawyer investigators on a virtual platform. All of our Workplace Investigation Workshops are now available online! Our Workplace training sessions can be brought to any organization and tailored to a workplace or an institution’s specific challenges and training needs. Click here for more information on customized training programs or contact us here or send us an email to training@rubinthomlinson.com.