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Serious insight for serious situations.

Serious insight for serious situations.

2020 Live Webcast

Discuss: The Top 10 Workplace Investigation Cases of 2019


2020 WEBCAST: Top 10 Workplace Investigation Cases of 2019

We want to thank-you for watching our 2020 Webcast where we discussed the Top 10 Workplace Investigation Cases of 2019! Our presentation is now available for download. Please use the button below to begin the download.

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Join us as our partners Janice, Christine, and Cory discuss the Top 10 Workplace Investigation Cases of 2019.

This year, there was an increasing number of legal cases that dealt with workplace investigations. In this session, we will discuss our top ten workplace investigation cases of the past year, which delved into these issues – among others:

  • When is procedural fairness required in an investigation, and what are the elements
  • What are the elements of structural independence of an internal workplace investigation department
  • Does a respondent have a right to remain silent in the face of workplace allegations of misconduct
  • Is an employer obliged to conduct an investigation after the complainant leaves the workplace
  • What kind of interim measures should employers consider when an investigation is conducted and when is an investigation “appropriate in the circumstances”

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*In providing this information to participants via webcast, Rubin Thomlinson is not providing legal advice. The purpose of this event is to provide general information only.